Cooling of viscous fluids


Cooling of viscous fluids at laminar flow

Problems during cooling of viscous media in tubular heat exchangers

• Differing volumetric flows in the individual pipes (maldistribution); low cooling capacity

• High pressure loss

• Inflexible with regard to changing product viscosities

Solution: Heat Exchanger AGENS AMR

The solution is the AGENS AMR heat exchanger. The product flow is fed around the AMR bundles. The bundles are constructed of meandering, crossing tubes. These conduct thermal oil or water inside the heat exchanger. No baffle plates are used, instead the AMR bundles simultaneously form the heat exchanger surface.



• Maldistribution can be ruled out, since there is only one product chamber The apparatus can be adjusted any time for products of different viscosity

Very short residence time spectrum makes the apparatus optimally suitable for polymerization reactions.

• Large heat exchanger surface (50 – 150 m2/m3)

• Improvement in heat transfer (factor 4 - 10)

Some examples

AGENS AMR with 2 detachable bundles as a silicone cooler. Designed in 1.4571, DN 400, PN 40.

kuehlen03AGENS AMR with 1 bundle as a polymer cooler. Designed in 1.4571, DN 400, PN 16.

AGENS AMR with 1 bundle as a polymer cooler. Designed in 1.4571, DN 150, PN 400.














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