Cooling of viscous fluids


Heat Exchanger AGENS® AMHE - R

Inside of AGENS® AMHE - R the product flow is fed around the tube bundles. The bundles are constructed of meandering, crossing tubes. These conduct thermal oil or water inside the heat exchanger. No baffle plates are used, instead the bundles simultaneously form the heat exchanger surface and a static mixer.schnittamhe800


• Maldistribution can be ruled out, since there is only one product chamber
  The apparatus can be adjusted at any time for products of different viscosity

Very short residence time spectrum makes the apparatus optimally
  suitable for polymerization reactions

• Large heat exchanger surface (50 – 150 m2/m3)

• Improvement heat transfer coefficient: Factor 4 - 10
  depending on product viscosity












AGENS® AMHE - R crosspipe heat exchanger DN 900, PN 160                        corresponding bundle DN 900 
Product parts in S31803 Duplex, inside grindet


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